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About Us | Aerial Fine Art Inc - NYC, NY

Aerial Fine Art Inc is the name we selected for our group of artists because we view the world of art as all encompassing, touching the everyday objects that we live with and making our world in NYC, NY more beautiful. Fine art, we believe is not something that should stay encased in a museum display or hung in someone’s private collection. It is something we can enjoy every day in every way.

We at Aerial Fine Art Inc represent more than 30 years of experience in bringing custom art to mass produced items of almost any kind. And, we can bring this unique flavor to your life at a cost that belies the quality and mastery your piece represents.

Consider your world and the items in it. Your car is just one of many produced in that color that year. Your leather clothing may be beautiful, but it does not stand out. While there are a growing number of indoor painting techniques being used, they are being used all over town.

Let us at Aerial Fine Art Inc finish the job and help you display your true emotion and unique personality by creating your vision on the canvass you choose. Our talented and creative artists will work with you to make your world seem like more an extension of you than you may have ever considered possible.

Contact us at Aerial Fine Art Inc in NYC today, and let us get to know your wishes and create the world according to you. We bring to our work 30 years experience in Fine Arts!

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